Just like you, we aim to maintain a courteous, peaceful, supportive and safe platform.

Welcome to the DW Network!


Please review our Terms and Conditions. Please be aware and follow our Network Guidelines at any time. Misbehaviours will not be tolerated.


Be helpful, not hateful

The DW Network is about connecting and helping people. Strong words and hateful speeches are prohibited. Along with false statements, trolls, and energy wasters.

Be fameful, not shameful

DW Shaming does not exist, and never will. Please be conscious, open-minded and respectful toward others, at any time.

Be supportive, not agressive

Please be supportive and act with a caring mind. While waiting for a response, please be patient and considering. Here at DW, agressivity, violence and any form of intimidation is not tolerated. 

Be empowering, not judgemental

Going through painful times can happen to all of us. Asking for the help you need is primordial, and helping others the best you can is what matters. Please do not involve your personal beliefs to help others. We prefer to keep an open-minded, impartial, non-judgemental spirit.

Community safety

Please bear in mind that at DW, we aim to help you find the support you need, so you can feel and get better. Please always seek the advice of your GP, dietitian, pratitioner or health specialist, if you suffer from any physical or mental health condition.

Your safety and privacy are our priorities.


Thank you! We wish you a wonderful DW journey.